Home Purchase Financing 

Many people face challenges to homeownership. Some are caught in a “renters’ trap” – they could afford a house payment but are having a difficult time saving enough funds for down payment and closing costs. Others face an “affordability gap” – the amount of the loan they qualify for, based on their income, isn’t high enough to purchase a home in their area. NeighborWorks Great Falls offers loan programs that enable hard working individuals and families to achieve their dreams of homeownership. Eligibility for all programs depends many factors, get in touch with NeighborWorks today to see what you qualify for!

What does NeighborWorks Offer?

NeighborWorks Great Falls offers many programs to assist hopeful homebuyers into a home. These include our 3 to 1 Matched Savings program, down payment and closing cost assistance, and the 20+ Community Second program. If one our programs does not fit your needs check out our additional resources page!


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