Owner Built Homes

NeighborWorks' Owner Built Homes program is a partnership with NeighborWorks and USDA Rural Development. Qualified buyers earn instant equity costs by working with a group of other families to help build eachothers' homes, and in doing so help to build one another's dreams.. Their labor is called “sweat equity” and is what makes these homes affordable.  Hard work is the key to this project, along with a desire to work together to build our community and new homes. The group commits to building their own homes, and embarks on a guided development that turns the dream into reality.

Do you want to?

  • Help build your own home?
  • Get out of the renter trap?
  • Have an affordable house payment?
  • Purchase a home with no down payment?
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a successful
    and responsible homeowner?

Do you Have?

  • Acceptable Credit
  • 2 years of dependable income
  • Ability to commit 30 hours per week for 12 months (family & volunteers)
  • Dedication to become a homeowner

More Questions? Check out our Owner Built Homes F.A.Q.

If you are interested in participating in this program,or if you are interested in volunteering to help the families with their builds, please contact our office, at 406-751-5861 or send us an email.


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