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Be a hero in our community and partner with us to ensure everyone has an opportunity for homeownership!  Gifts of any size from donors like you make our work possible!

Please select where you would like your donation to make the most impact:

  • NeighborWorks Great Falls Annual Fund Drive (includes Annual Fund Drive in which your donation will be applied where it is most needed; Homebuyer Education in which your donation will help with program needs; Community Building in which your donation helps improve Great Falls Neighborhoods).
  • Matched Savings Account (IDA): This donation will fund our Matched Savings Account (IDA) program. We match participants savings 3:1, which means they can save up to $1,000 and receive a match of $3,000. This gives them a total of $4,000 for down payment and closing cost assistance on a new home! The program helps establish savings and budgeting habits in preparation for homeownership and helps the participant form a relationship with a lending institution.
  • NeighborWorks Endowment (qualifies for Montana Endowment Tax Credit): The endowment helps create a savings account that can be used to fill gaps when funding is sparse. The income stream generated from the endowment ensures that our good work can continue, regardless of the variations of federal and foundation funding. Certain charitable donations will qualify for the Montana endowment income tax credit and can be made in a variety of forms. All contributions quality for the Federal and State charitable income tax deduction.

We Make The Most of Your Gift 

Your donations allow NeighborWorks to help low and moderate income families find more affordable, quality housing for ownership or renting. Once settled in a decent affordable home or apartment, a family has better health outcomes, is more stable and their children do better in school. Quality rentals lead to the opportunity for homeownership, which builds assets in low and moderate income families.

Thank you for Donating