Frequently asked questions


Do all NeighborWorks' built homes have income guidelines?

While some NeighborWorks homes do have income guidelines due to funding, some do not. Please check the homes for sale page for specifics on a house. Please contact your realtor or our office for specifics on income guidleines referenced.

Do I make too much money/too little money to use NeighborWorks' programs?

NeighborWorks products vary depending on the program you are interested in. There are no income guidelines on our homebuyer education and planning programs and are beneficial to all interested in purchasing a home. Please create a profile and schedule a meeting with a NeighborWorks Homeownership planner to learn more.

Do I need to buy a NeighborWorks built home in order to receive homebuyer financial assistance from NeighborWorks?

No, NeighborWorks Great Falls programs are not limited to neighbors who choose to buy NeighborWorks built homes. In fact, most of our neighbors purchase a non-NeighborWorks house and use our down payment and closing cost assistance.

Do you have rentals available?

Yes! Please see the "Rentals" tab above. We also provide a weekly community rental list of avaliable properties in Great Falls. Properties listed are not owned or managed by NeighborWorks unless otherwise noted.

I'm hoping to buy a home, how do I get started if I am interested in your programs such as financial assistance, homebuyer education or individual planning?

Please use our customer portal to create an account and fill out your profile. Once you have created an account you can sign up and pay for Homebuyer Education. If you would like an individualized appointment to discuss financial assistance please fully fill out your profile, upload proof of income. Once you have done these two things you will be prompted to schedule and appoinment through the customer portal.

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Owner Built Homes

Are there any skills I must have?

A good attitude. You will acquire the knowledge and trade skills you need through our team.

Do I need a down payment?

No, a down payment is not required for this program.

What is the commitment?

Each build on average takes about 12 months, no one moves in until all the homes in the group are completed. The household is expected to work a minimum of 30 hours per week on the construction site. The immediate household must put in at least 17 hours, the rest can come from family, friends, or volunteers.

Is there an age requirement for this program?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply. There is no age limit, however you must be physically able to put in at least 17 hours of trade work a week.

What are the qualifications for the Owner Built Program?

A family's income can be no greater than 80% of area median income to qualify (please call to verify), each applicant must have a two year stable work history, favorable or curable credit - a credit report will be obtained for each applicant. Other factors may be considered. Please contact our office for a full list.

What will my payments be?

Your total household payment (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) will be determined by your household income. Interest may be as low as 1%.

What are the income limits for this program?

The income guidelines depend on your family size, see the list below. The list below are the maximum amount your household can make depending on the number of people living in the home. Please contact our office to verify income. 1 - $38,500 2 - $44,000 3 - $49,500 4 - $53,350 5 - $59,350 6 - $63,750 7 - $68,150 8 - $72,550

Customer Portal

How do I get started with NeighborWorks Great Falls?

Start by signing up for our customer portal located in the upper right hand corner of this page! You can also take this quiz to find out which services are right for you!

How do I know which service(s) to pick?

If you don't know which service is right for you start with this QUIZ.

Where do I upload documents?

After you are logged into your customer portal go to "My Documents". There you will be able to upload your documents. Don't forget to sign your disclosures as well. These will be emailed to you via CongaSign. Don't forget to check you spam folder.

Where do I sign disclosures?

Disclosures are automaticaly sent to you via email through Conga Sign. These disclosures are required to make a one-on-one appointment with our counselors.

What documents are required?

Documents required depend on the services you are signing up for. **One set of disclosures need to be signed prior to counseling services at NWGF. Homebuyer Planning or Financial Fitness Appointment • Income Rental Counseling or Stay in Your Home • Income Foreclosure Prevention •Short signed and dated statement explaining hardship and date of hardship •Copy of most recent mortgage statement for all mortgages •Income •Copy of bank statements for last 2 consecutive months. (Please include all pages including blank pages) •Budget (this will be emailed to you) •Disclosures specific to Foreclosure Program (this will be emailed to you)

How do I sign up for an appointment?

1. The first step to signing up for an appointment is creating an account on our customer portal. 2. Once you have created an account you will be able to select the services right for you. You can also take the quiz here! 3. Upload your documents and sign the disclosures that are required for the services you are signed up for. 4. Once you have done this and one of our representatives have reviewed the documents you will be able to book an appiointment under "Appointments/Classes". 5. Click on the appointment you would like to schedule. Then follow the prompts. 4. Sign.