Individual Development Emergency Account for Savings

Individual Development Emergency Account for Savings (IDEAS) is a program designed to assist those with creating an emergency savings account. The program has two components available: Emergency Matched Savings Account and Financial Relief. Both the emergency matched savings account and financial relief can be used independently or in conjunction based on the needs of each individual neighbor. Those who participate will be required to attend counseling sessions and online education as a part of this program. 

Emergency Matched Savings Account

IDEAS provides the opportunity for a one-time match of $250 after one full year of saving. This program is available to neighbors who want an emergency savings account in place for unexpected expenses.


Here’s how it works: Over the course of one year, you will save up to $500. At the end of your year of savings, NeighborWorks will match you up to $250, ending with a balance of up to $750 of emergency cash saved. The amount of your monthly installments into the account are based upon affordability and goals that are set up with our financial coaches prior to joining the program.


If you’re interested in creating an emergency matched savings account create an account through our Customer Portal.

Financial Relief

Individuals facing hardship and needing immediate financial relief may qualify for a maximum loan of $500 for emergency use. Upon approval, the participant will be set up on a payment plan in order to successfully pay back the emergency loan to NeighborWorks Great Falls. Monthly payments are based on affordability. 


Participants will complete a spending plan, review their credit, and develop goals and plans to manage debt in the future during a free financial counseling session. 

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