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Each year, NeighborWorks Great Falls impacts hundreds of neighbors in our community. From homebuyer education graduates to CommUNITY Cleanup volunteers, NeighborWorks has created a strong network of neighbors who are dedicated to revitalizing and building strong neighborhoods in our community. Last year, we saw Great Falls take a national stage for its efforts, ranking 4th best city in the nation for first-time homebuyers by, 10th best city in the Western U.S. to reside post-pandemic by Business Insider, and 7th most affordable metro area in the West by AdvisorSmith.

Our mission is to continue providing hard-working families with the opportunity for a safe, secure, affordable home. We know that the results from a safe and secure home are fundamental for our community to thrive. Homeownership is the number one builder of wealth, and in 2021, NeighborWorks Great Falls walked hundreds of neighbors along the homebuying journey, allowing them to successfully invest in themselves and their futures.

2021 Homeownership Impact

NeighborWorks offers a variety of homeownership opportunities for neighbors both pre- and post-purchase. The statistics below represent NeighborWorks Great Falls' 2021 impact in Cascade County:

2021 Fundraising Report

NeighborWorks met both the Annual Campaign and Endowment Campaign yearly goal for 2021. The total Endowment Campaign goal is $2.5 million. Once fully funded, the interest earned from the principle will help 100 neighbors into homeownership each year, forever.

About NeighborWorks Great Falls

Since 1980, NeighborWorks Great Falls has been committed to building strong neighborhoods, creating successful homeowners, and developing quality, affordable housing throughout Great Falls. NeighborWorks Great Falls is a member of the National NeighborWorks Network and one of over 200 community-based organizations dedicated to creating healthy communities.

Led by neighborhood residents, NeighborWorks organizations work tirelessly to revitalize communities, reclaim abandoned and distressed properties, and promote affordable housing. Nationally, NeighborWorks Great Falls is recognized for excellence in homeownership services, having assisted more than 4,000 families to become homeowners in Great Falls since NeighborWorks Great Falls was founded in 1980.

View the full 2021 Annual Report here:

2021 Annual Report
Download PDF • 129.51MB

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