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How to be a Good Neighbor

Being a good neighbor is essential to building a stronger neighborhood and a more vibrant, safe community. Making connections with those who live around you is a win-win for you and your neighbors. Do your part to be a good neighbor by adhering to the following advice, and check out the Neighborhood Guide on our website for more information!

Get to know your neighbors.

Be friendly! Introduce yourself, those who live with you, and your pets. Take the time to let them know if you have any special household or parking accommodations they should be aware of. Introducing yourself early on will create a stronger foundation.

Be aware of your presence.

Keep the noise down, especially at night, and let your neighbors know if you plan to host a gathering so they are aware of the situation. Be sure to pick up after yourself by keeping your yard clean, including pet waste. Take a look at your place from your neighbors perspective. How does it look through their eyes?

Look out for each other.

Report suspicious activity to the appropriate agency. From the very beginning, let them know you will keep your eyes and ears open, and ask that they do the same in return. Doing so will create a more trustworthy connection between you and your neighbors.


Talk with your neighbors if there is a conflict, and avoid spreading rumors or gossip. Show appreciation when they plant flowers, work on their landscaping, etc. At the end of the day, truly listen to one another, and remember that people are different. Actively communicating with one another is key to a peaceful and enjoyable neighborhood.

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