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Neighborhood revitalization is a key component of creating stronger neighborhoods. NeighborWorks Great Falls actively works to strengthen and expand our impact through a variety of community building and engagement initiatives. From beautifying our neighborhoods through blight removal to enhancing downtown through ArtsFEST Montana, NeighborWorks Great Falls values our neighbor's quality of life.

Blight Removal

Since 1980, NeighborWorks Great Falls has been removing blight in this community, specifically in the original townsite. Since that time, nearly 500 blighted properties have been removed and/or renovated.

This not only improves the quality of our neighborhoods but provides quality, affordable homes to hard-working neighbors in need of a hand up into homeownership. NeighborWorks is committed to being a sustainable leader in community housing and neighborhood solutions.

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Community Investments

NeighborWorks knows that arts and culture make neighborhoods more vibrant, bringing both residents and visitors downtown to eat, shop, and play and support the local economy. We have long held a place-based approach to our work, and we continue to support Great Falls' original townsite. Our community engagement efforts include supporting arts, culture, and community development. NeighborWorks Great Falls continues to seek out new ways to invest in our community, strengthening our neighborhoods and improving the place we all call home.

Our annual NeighborWorks CommUNITY Cleanup is another investment in Great Falls. Learn more about the event here.

Neighborhood Guide

Keeping our neighborhoods safe means supporting code enforcement regulations. Get current information to properly handle a variety of neighborly issues.

Resident Resources

From leadership opportunities to updated code enforcement information, NeighborWorks a resource for our residents who want to help make our neighborhoods stronger.

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