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NeighborWorks Kicks Off 40th Anniversary with Open House

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Each year, NeighborWorks Great Falls opens their doors for an Open House, inviting not only staff and board members, but also business partners, community members, former/current clients, and residents of Great Falls to learn more about NeighborWorks and its’ role in this community. We strive to build strong relationships within Great Falls to continue providing a better place for us all to live – no matter the background.

Yesterday, January 7th, NeighborWorks celebrated the last 40 years through honoring those they serve and thanking those who have made it possible year after year. Remarks were made by the Executive Director, Sherrie Arey, as well as Linda Daggett, an original board member from 1980 who is currently still on the board today. She spoke about her homeownership journey with NeighborWorks and all this organization has done over the years to improve not only her own street but also the entire south side.

As NeighborWorks Great Falls look forward towards the rest of the year, we

· March: 2020 Fund Drive

· March: Homebuyer Fair

· April: Annual Meeting

· May: MApril Community Cleanup

· May: High School House Open House

· Summer: Block Party

· September: High School House Groundbreaking

This year marks 40 years of volunteers, donors, neighbors, clients, and partners coming together to make Great Falls a stronger, safer, and cleaner place to live. NeighborWorks Great Falls would like to thank all their supporters who have made this work possible for the last 40 years and the next.

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