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New Rental Services Now Offered

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

NeighborWorks Great Falls realizes the importance of home now more than ever. We also understand that not all neighbors are ready for homeownership, which is why we have expanded to offer two new services – Rental Counseling and the Stay in Your Home Program.

Rental Counseling

Similar to our Financial Counseling services, Rental Counseling is now available specifically for those seeking more information about the following areas:

  • Rental Contracts – We will walk you through your current contract and answer any questions you have about specific policies, restrictions, and guidelines stated in your lease.

  • Budget – All our counseling services assist neighbors in creating a budget that works for individualized needs, situations, and lifestyles.

  • Credit Improvement – Credit can be an intimidating and overwhelming part of your financial situation. We will discuss ways to improve your credit and set you up for financial success.

  • Tenant Rights – Know your responsibilities as a tenant and be sure to read your lease agreement carefully. To be a knowledgeable and successful tenant, we will guide you through your rights and laws about renting.

  • Savings – Similar to budgeting, we help you build savings through breaking down your monthly incomes and expenses to help get you on track with a habit of saving!

Stay in Your Home Program

This rental eviction prevention support is offered to anyone currently struggling to pay their rent or stay in their rental. We will talk you through your options, provide you with community resource information, and do everything we can to help you stay in your home, no matter what home looks like for you.

We’re here for you and all your rental needs. Give us a call today, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about these services or others that we currently offer.

Set up an appointment today through the Customer Portal.

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