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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

There is truly no place like home for the holidays. And for our newest Owner Built homeowners, this holiday season is one to remember.

Kara Emery is one of these newest homeowners who is thrilled to decorate and celebrate Christmas with her 9-year-old daughter in their very first home. “I am extremely excited to have a home where my sweet daughter can dance around, enjoying the sparkle and shine of the season that fills our home. There is a pure joy that comes with celebrating Christmas in your own home. She used ALL of our decorations.”

The group of ten participants built their own and each other’s homes through a blistering winter, global pandemic, and a variety of setbacks; however, all ten families were able to move into their brand-new homes this spring, celebrating their first Christmas as homeowners, neighbors, and friends. Building their homes together created a bond so unique and strong that they not only share a street, but a community of neighbors who look out for one another.

“Our signatures are written inside each other’s homes,” stated Colleen Berlinger, another Owner Built homeowner. “I am thankful, ever so thankful! Our most important gifts this Christmas are the kind that lives on for a lifetime. The gift of time to one other to build each other's homes, our COMMUNITY! This is TRULY the best gift I have ever had.”

As these new homeowners decorate and prepare for the holidays, they shared photos of their Christmas trees that symbolize the freedom of expression that comes from owning your own home. From all of us at NeighborWorks Great Falls, Merry Christmas to you and the hundreds of neighbors we’ve helped into homeownership this year!

Learn more about our Owner Built Homes Program.

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