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Otto Bremer Trust Invests in NeighborWorks Great Falls

NeighborWorks Great Falls recently applied for an operational grant through Otto Bremer Trust, one of the nations’ largest philanthropic organizations today. Seeking a social impact investment, NeighborWorks was granted $50,000 for general operations to support successful homeownership and promote affordable housing in Great Falls and Cascade County. OBT invested more than $1.3 million to organizations in Montana during its most recent grant cycle.

Since 1980, NeighborWorks Great Falls relies on the generosity of this community through local donations as well as federal funding and grants from a variety of sectors. These financial investments allow NeighborWorks Great Falls to help families attain quality, affordable housing and help to revitalize our neighborhoods. The long-term value of this work has been well documented and extends far beyond housing. NeighborWorks Great Falls has made a huge impact on our community and hopes to continue that impact for many more years to come thanks to support of so many, including Otto Bremer Trust.

“NWGF's innovative work plays a crucial role in giving Montanans the opportunity to live in their own homes. This investment will help NWGF provide services to many who wouldn't otherwise have that chance.” Daniel Reardon, co-CEO and trustee, Otto Bremer Trust

NeighborWorks Great Falls plans to utilize the funding to offset the inflated construction cost, provide free financial coaching services, and continue to be a resource for those in our community along their homeownership journey. As we begin to feel the financial constraints of COVID-19, these funds will help to ensure we can continue to build strong neighborhoods and create successful homeowners for years to come.

About OBT:

The Otto Bremer Trust, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was created by Otto Bremer and is committed to supporting a better quality of life for residents of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. OBT is the majority owner of Bremer Financial Corporation, a regional financial services company; manages a diversified investment portfolio; and operates Community Benefit Financial Company, a financial resources subsidiary. OBT is a bank holding company and a private charitable trust that works at the intersection of finance and philanthropy. Since its founding, they have invested more than $841 million in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest. Visit

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