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The 46th High School House is Here!

High School students from Great Falls High and CMR completed the 46th High School House in Great Falls this May. The students had the opportunity to show off their hard work and success at the ribbon cutting ceremony where family, friends, and community supporters were invited to tour the home. NeighborWorks Great Falls and Great Falls Public Schools have partnered to bring this program to Great Falls since 1998.

"The High School House project has provided hands-on, work-based learning opportunities for students in Great Falls,” said Tom Moore, Superintendent. “The program truly embodies an authentic partnership and successful collaboration between community partners ( NeighborWorks and the construction trades industry participants)  for the benefit of our current & future workforce demand in central Montana."

This group of builders started with an empty lot in September 2023 and worked to build the home you see today from the ground up. The students learn real-world skills and walk away with apprenticeship hours. NeighborWorks provides the lot, arranges the subcontractors, and finances the construction, as well as working with a first-time homebuyer in the community to get them mortgage ready.

“The High School House program is a catalyst for career exploration in the trades,” said Sherrie Arey, Executive Director at NWGF. “The students have a unique opportunity to learn practical, real-world skills outside of a classroom setting while also learning how to work as a team and what it means to take pride in their work. These young builders are amazing and created a home that will last generations.”

The Home Builders Association also awards the two "Builders of the Year" a $500 scholarship. This year's winners were Koolen Schmidt and Clayton Cady.

Not only is the house built by the High Schoolers, but the inside is designed as well. The interior design students create and pitch their visions for the floorings, countertops, paint, etc. The winning design is used in the home. NeighborWorks Great Falls also acknowledges the "Designers of the Year." This year they were Tracy Miesmer and Ariel French-Stimac. Ariel's design was the one chosen for the home.

The culinary students provided an array of appetrizers and desserts for all to enjoy. Thank you for everyone's hard work and support!

To learn more about the High School House, visit

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