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Turning Blight into Opportunity

For many years, 3rd Avenue South was home to Kranz Florist, a beloved floral shop and green house in Great Falls. However, what was once a colorful and vibrant part of the neighborhood quickly became an eye-sore to neighbors, passersby, and our community after closing their doors.

However, where others see blight, NeighborWorks Great Falls sees opportunity. Upon purchasing the property, NeighborWorks envisioned a block of new, single family homes where families could grow and develop in a safe, affordable home. In 2017, NeighborWorks removed the blight and began building three new construction, affordable homes. Keith, Director of Construction at NeighborWorks, provides insight to the beginning of this development. “When this property came up for sale, we knew it would be a great opportunity in our target area. We've been working for years to revitalize the downtown neighborhood, and transforming this block aligned perfectly with our mission. We looked at building a pocket neighborhood of 14 small homes but decided to keep it like the rest of the area by building 7 regular size lots with nice 2 and 3 bedroom homes.”

In 2018, three hard-working families moved to 3rd Avenue South, and NeighborWorks is now developing the next two homes on the block. These homes are set to be complete this fall, as NeighborWorks Great Falls works to continue providing new construction homes downtown. NeighborWorks mission: To create strong neighborhoods and successful homeowners by developing and promoting quality affordable housing. When blight is removed and an entire block is transformed, neighborhoods become safer and surrounding residents see it as an opportunity to fix, repair, or renovate their own property. Ultimately, everyone wins.

Since 1980, NeighborWorks Great Falls has been committed to revitalizing our neighborhoods and promoting quality, affordable housing. With over 4000+ first-time homebuyers assisted into homeownership, NeighborWorks continues to be a dedicated resource to those searching for a hand-up into homeownership, serving as a sustainable leader in community housing and neighborhood solutions.

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