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Are you interested in making your neighborhood and your community a better place to live, work and play? NeighborWorks Great Falls offers two leadership training opportunities for people driven to make a difference in Cascade County.

Cascade Center for Neighborhood Leadership (CCNL)

NeighborWorks Great Falls' Cascade Center for Neighborhood Leadership delivers a unique, civic style of leadership training ~ one that’s built on understanding program planning, listening to multiple perspectives, and leading neighborhood programs and projects. Simply stated, participants hone the skills needed to get things done in their neighborhood and community. The training program covers a multitude of topics, such as building partnerships, transforming ideas into actions, writing grants, creating a safer, more vibrant neighborhood and engaging local governments in your project. Community leaders and trainers teach the classes. 

NeighborWorks America Community Leadership Institute

NeighborWorks America’s Community Leadership Institute (CLI) is a national training conference that aims to strengthen the voices and leadership skills of residents and key volunteers in NeighborWorks communities. For residents, youth, and emerging leaders, CLIs provide a framework for learning and a forum for discussing community issues. 

Learn more about projects created by former NeighborWorks resident-led teams: 

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Crime & Safety Efforts

Creating a safe community for residents to thrive is one of the main community building goals of NeighborWorks Great Falls.

CommUNITY Cleanup

The Cleanup is a community-wide opportunity to collect and dispose of debris throughout our neighborhoods each spring.


NeighborWorks utilizes many types of volunteers including, office, manual labor, fundraising and more.

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