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Homebuyer Education


NeighborWorks Great Falls knows that buying a home can be an overwhelming process - we're here to make it easier. NeighborWorks offers a monthly Homebuyer Education course to prepare hopeful homebuyers for their homeownership journey. Homebuyer Education classes provide information on all aspects of homeownership from the experts themselves - realtors, lenders, home inspectors, and more. This class is a requirement to use any of NeighborWorks' financial assistance but is open and encouraged to anyone interested in buying a home. For clients interested in a one-on-one approach, we offer free pre-purchase planning sessions for those who would like additional guidance.


Upcoming Class Dates





july 2024

Wed & Thurs, 17 & 18

5 PM - 9 PM

Location: NeighborWorks Great Falls

Registration is closed.

Online course offered on a case by case basis.

august 2024

Wed & Thurs, 21 & 22

5 PM - 9 PM

Location: NeighborWorks Great Falls

Registration is open.

Online course offered on a case by case basis.

September 2024

Wed & Thurs, 18 & 19

5 PM- 9 PM

Location: NeighborWorks Great Falls

Registration will open 30 days before class.

Online course offered on a case by case basis.

Sign Up Instructions


1. Login/create a NeighborWorks profile by clicking on the "Sign up" button below.

2. Completely fill out your customer profile.

3. Go to the "Appointments/Classes" tab, select the Homebuyer Education course you'd like to attend, register and pay - that's it you're all set!

Note: NeighborWorks has a no refund policy regarding all classes, workshops or appointments. Our classroom is not suitable for children, so please ensure you have child care. 

*Only the names of the participants who attend class will go on the certificate.


Homebuyer Education is brought to you in partnership with

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Individualized Appointments

There are one-on-one 45-minute pre-purchase planning sessions available to those that are interested. This appointment is highly recommended, and required to receive a NeighborWorks certificate (certificate needed to obtain NeighborWorks down payment/closing cost assistance). If you'd like an individualized appointment, please upload proof of income to your portal and sign our disclosures that will be automatically emailed to you via DocuSign after completing your online profile. 


After you upload these documents you will be prompted to schedule a free one-on-one appointment under the "Appointments/Classes" tab.  (If you do not upload/sign out the required documents you will not be prompted for an appointment until you do so).


Having trouble with our customer portal? Give us a call at 406-761-5861.

Get Started

Interested in Homebuyer Education, financial assistance or our individualized planning? Start with creating a NeighborWorks profile!


Check out our Frequently asked questions page! Still Confused? Give us a call at 406-761-5861 or shoot us an email at

Preferred Partner List

Check out our list of realtors, lenders, and title companies with expert knowledge in our programs.

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