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High School House Students Complete 43rd Home in Great Falls

High school students from Great Falls High and CMR completed the 43rd High School House in our community located at 1509 3rd Avenue NW. Family, friends, community leaders, business owners, and neighbors gathered for the Open House celebration in honor of this great accomplishment. NeighborWorks Great Falls is proud to partner with Great Falls Public Schools to provide this program for our youth, an opportunity for high school house students to learn hands-on skills outside the classroom.

Lane, a junior at CMR and student builder, stated, “I’ve always liked working with my hands. Being able to come to the high school house is an escape for me, and I’d like to be able to say I did something for my community one day.” Lane, along with 26 other students, worked on constructing this new home since September 2020. Although all these students worked exceptionally hard on this house, the following two students were named Builders of the Year at the Open House ceremony: Trevin Smith and Sam Collins.

Additionally, the interior design classes at Great Falls High and CMR play a role in the High School House. Each student in these classes creates a design board and the winning board, voted on by NeighborWorks staff and the community, is chosen as the interior design for the High School House. The top two designers this year were Kinzie Butler and Madalie Kershner.

NeighborWorks Great Falls thanks the student builders, parents, GFPS staff, and supporters of the program for making this possible in our community. To learn more about the High School House, visit

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