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Set up for Success: High School House Students Join Pre-Apprenticeship Program

There are 26 students who are working together to build the 43rd High School House in Great Falls, located at 1509 3rd Avenue NW. This year, all 26 students signed up to join the Pre-Apprenticeship Program that is designed to prepare them to enter a Registered Apprenticeship program and succeed with a career in the trades industry. By joining, these students will receive 360 on-the-job hours and 112 related instruction hours towards the Apprenticeship Program. Pete Pace, High School House Instructor stated, “The biggest thing when you’re starting out is to have that credential. This is an industry-recognized credential for the State of Montana that really gives these students a step up.”

Throughout the duration of this program, students learn everything from operating power tools to laying a roof. They are gaining real work experience and setting up their futures for success, regardless of the career path they choose. Together with Great Falls Public Schools, we are not only providing another quality, affordable home in this community but also an invaluable experience for our youth as they discern their next steps after graduation.

NeighborWorks Great Falls and GFPS would like to thank all those in the community who support the High School House program – giving charitable contributions, donating in-kind gifts, and advocating for the program and our youth. This High School House Program would not be possible without it, and we look forward to continuing this program for decades to come. This 2 bed/2 bath home is set to be complete in May, so stay tuned for information to come regarding the open house event. To learn more about the High School House program, visit our website at

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