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ArtsFEST 2020 Just Around the Corner

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

NeighborWorks Great Falls is again supporting arts, culture, and community development in downtown Great Falls! In 2018, NeighborWorks sought out internationally known mural artist Cameron Moberg to bring life to blank walls downtown, on the side of the Hi-Line Climbing Center and on the west wall of Dragonfly Dry Goods, on 5th Street across from Enbar and The Block.

We again supported mural art through the inaugural ArtsFEST, in 2019, when Moberg worked with 9 local artists to paint additional murals downtown and gave them insight into making mural art a profitable business. NWGF is again partnering with the BID to bring the 2nd Annual ArtsFest MONTANA to the community, August 21- 27. Cameron Moberg is again leading this work.

NeighborWorks knows that arts and culture make neighborhoods more vibrant, bringing both residents and visitors downtown to eat, shop, and play and support the local economy. We have long held a place-based approach to our work, and we continue to support Great Falls's original townsite.

For our 40th anniversary, we wanted to invest even more in the downtown, so we are challenging the community to help raise funds for ArtsFest. We will donate up to $5,000 in matching funds for every dollar donated to ArtsFest Montana between now and August 27. If you would like to support ArtsFest MONTANA, check out their new website at https:/ Your donations are tax-deductible, because the BID, a 501-c-3 nonprofit, manages the program.

NeighborWorks Executive Director, Sherrie Arey, remarked, “We know the value of mural projects as an investment in our community. Every day when walking by, we can see how we have created a local destination for the communityfamilies and seniors taking pictures, personal selfies by passersby, and even visitors stopping to check them out and create a memory. The murals bring people downtown!"

Join us downtown the afternoon of Friday, August 21st through August 27th by attending an event, checking out the new art, and exploring the Downtown murals that were done in years past. Let’s come together to celebrate the creativity of our community and the benefits of all that art has to offer!

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