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Embark Credit Union Donates $5,000 to NeighborWorks Endowment

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Local Credit Union, Embark has donated $5,000 to benefit the NeighborWorks Endowment. This generous contribution is in addition to their yearly gift to the annual campaign. Embark Credit Union has long been a partner of NeighborWorks Great Falls with support stemming back to 2001 as Embark, and back to 1982 as Great Falls Teachers FCU.

In regards to Embark’s decision to contribute to the NeighborWorks’ Endowment, Deb Evans, President of Embark Credit Union stated, “NeighborWorks Great Falls is a vital asset in the community. Embark provides financial support to programs that align with our mission and strategies - two of our priorities are home ownership and education. This contribution will help ensure that NeighborWorks programs in these areas are able to continue in the future.”

Donations to NeighborWorks' Endowment campaign will allow down payment assistance, homeownership education and free financial counseling to remain a resource in Great Falls for years to come. In 2020, NeighborWorks Great Falls will celebrate 40 years. Sherrie Arey, NeighborWorks Great Falls Executive Director recognized the community’s part in that celebration, “This milestone anniversary would not be possible without the generous and long-standing support that we have received over the last 40 years. This contribution from Embark is a true testament to their partnership, their work and their support to make Great Falls even greater. Thank you Embark for your support, from myself and from the many families and individuals who will benefit from your gift in the future.”

About NeighborWorks Great Falls’ Endowment: The NeighborWorks Endowment will create an income stream for the future that assures NeighborWorks work can continue, regardless of variations in federal and foundation funding. Certain charitable donations will qualify for the Montana endowment income tax credit and can be made in a variety of forms. All contributions quality for the Federal and State charitable income tax deduction. For more information, please visit or call 406-761-5861.

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