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NeighborWorks Great Falls Latest Expansion: Lending Department Coming Soon!

NeighborWorks Great Falls is expanding! With the support and assistance of our sister organization, NeighborWorks Montana, we are currently creating a Lending Department here at NeighborWorks Great Falls that will allow us to support our neighbors with a variety of financing options for home buyers and homeowners throughout Cascade County.

Q. What does this mean?

A. Currently, NeighborWorks Montana serves as the lender for NeighborWorks Great Falls to support clients seeking homeownership financing in Cascade County. As both organizations grow to meet changing market dynamics and client needs, NeighborWorks Great Falls is bringing all Cascade County lending in-house.

Q. Why is this happening?

A. NeighborWorks Great Falls and NeighborWorks Montana are both expanding and evolving to meet the housing needs of our neighbors. With a NeighborWorks Great Falls lending department, we can expand our resources with greater flexibility and focus on the products and services that are most needed in our community. NeighborWorks Montana will continue to offer homebuyer financing statewide outside of Cascade County.

Q. When will the changes take place?

A. NeighborWorks Great Falls is in the process of hiring and onboarding a Loan Officer and Loan Processor to establish the new loan department. NeighborWorks Montana will aid in the transition by continuing to serve as the lender for NeighborWorks Great Falls loans until the new lending team is ready to start accepting applications directly. This change is expected to take place sometime this summer, and will be clearly communicated to all lenders, clients, and other stakeholders. NeighborWorks Montana will continue to act as the loan servicer for all NeighborWorks Great Falls loans.

Check out current career opportunities with NeighborWorks Great Falls & join an awesome team of affordable housing advocates that are making a difference in our community!

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