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Family Promise: 2018 Coins for a Cause Recipient

The Downtown Safety Alliance, comprised of NeighborWorks Great Falls, the Great Falls Police Department, the Great Falls Business Improvement District, the Downtown Great Falls Association, Neighborhood Councils, and the Downtown Development Partnership are pleased to announce the distribution of funds from our sixth year of collections for Coins for a Cause. Family Promise was chosen as the recipient of donations for the 2018 calendar year. The total contributions collected were $485.22. The check was presented to Family Promise’s Executive Director D.J. Lott this morning at Family Promise, 1019 Central Ave.

Mayor Bob Kelly, Board Member Katie Batterbee, Joan Redeen of the BID, DJ Lott Family Promise Executive Director, Sandy Rice of Neighborhood Council, Carol Bronson and Sherrie Arey of NeighborWorks Great Falls

Coins for a Cause was created in December 2012, as an alternative to panhandling. This is the sixth consecutive year the program has provided funds to direct service providers. Homelessness is an issue that affects everyone in our community. Giving spare change to panhandlers is only a short-term remedy that can propagate the poverty cycle and does not create a long-term solution.

Donations collected from containers set up in various downtown businesses are given to local organizations that provide direct services and resources to people in need. Donating your spare change to Coins for a Cause will help curb panhandling, support local organizations, and provide assistance to those in need. These changes will help make our downtown safer and more vibrant for everyone who lives, works, plays or visits here.

Donation containers can be found at the following downtown businesses, as well as several outdoor boxes located in the 400 & 500 blocks of Central Ave:

• Dragonfly Dry Goods 504 Central Ave

• BID/DGFA 318 Central Ave

• NeighborWorks Great Falls 509 1st Ave S

• Mountain Title 325 1st Ave N

• Gallery 16 600 Central Ave

• Taco Del Sol 16 6th St S

• Great Harvest 515 1st Ave N

• Feather Your Nest 311 Central Ave

• Belles & Lace 320 Central Ave

• State Farm 17 2nd St S

• Kaufman's 411 Central Ave

• Brighten Up Shop 618 Central Ave

• Celtic Cowboy 116 1st Ave S

• Crooked Tree 501 1st Ave N

• Cassiopeia Books 721 Central Ave

• O’Haire Motor Inn 17 7th St S

• Hi-Line Climbing Center 608 1st Ave S

• Enbär 8 5th Street S


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