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Hellos and Goodbyes on Homeownership Center Team

NeighborWorks Great Falls Homeownership Center (HOC) team provides the resources and programs necessary to make homeownership possible for so many neighbors in our community. Our HOC team has helped 4,000+ neighbors into homeownership over the last 41 years, and we will soon say hello and goodbye to a few individuals in the coming months. Laura Bolstad, current Homeownership Center Director, will be retiring next year after serving our community since 2003. Not only does Laura help make homeownership possible through successfully managing the HOC team, but she is also the one who keeps our office alive with her genuine laughter and boisterous personality.

Laura explains her role and next steps, “NeighborWorks continues to grow and move in directions to support the impact we have for our community, our neighbors, and our mission. Since 2003, I have had the opportunity to work with neighbors in so many ways and feel proud to have been a support for many through education, counseling, and lending. I want to thank my coworkers, Executive Director, and the Board for so many learning adventures that allowed me to be excited each day in spreading our mission to the community through our work. My passion for NeighborWorks will continue well past my employment, and I thank everyone for allowing me the space to grow.”

As we say goodbye to Laura, we happily welcome Rosie Kiernan, current Homeownership Planner, into her new role of Homeownership Center Director in January 2022! Rosie shares her excitement and plans for the near future. “I have worked at NeighborWorks Great Falls for 8 years and have been the primary counselor for home purchase, financial capabilities, and foreclosure prevention. During this time at NeighborWorks, the HOC team has worked to adjust to the community’s needs, and it will be my job to make sure that this team continues to be there for our neighbors. Many changes have taken place recently with our down payment assistance loans and the need to fill the down payment gap for those we serve. There are many new and exciting things coming that will help support this community in several ways. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to guide my team and provide the support and resources necessary to help our neighbors overcome whatever challenges they might face.”

The HOC team will also welcome Ashly Graham, current Administrative Assistant, as their newest Homeownership Planner. Ashly recently completed training and passed her HUD exam which has prepared her to lead our monthly Homebuyer Education classes and provide HUD-certified financial coaching.

NeighborWorks HOC team works to create successful, educated homeowners while also providing resources to help our neighbors post-purchase. From homeownership planning to foreclosure prevention support, the HOC team fulfills the heart of our mission, helping create strong neighborhoods and successful homeowners.

Learn more about NeighborWorks' homeownership resources.

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