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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Homebuyer Education

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Buying a house can be intimidating. It may even feel too complicated or that someone like you could never dream of owning a home or making that big of a financial commitment. That’s where NeighborWorks Great Falls Homebuyer Education steps in. Homebuyer Education classes provide information on all aspects of homeownership from the experts themselves - realtors, lenders, home inspectors and more.

Here are the top 5 reason why you should sign up today to take homebuyer education with NeighborWorks Great Falls.

1. Whether you’re ready for homeownership or not, this class will help you decide. By taking this 8-hour course, you will have a better idea with where you’re at in your homeownership journey. Whether you’re two months or two years away from buying a home, this class will make that timeline clearer by showing you all you need in place before purchasing a home.

2. You can ask the professionals any questions you have around purchasing a home! Each Homebuyer Education course is chock full of experts in the field who will provide you with information in their own specific industries. This allows you to learn more about each one and ask tailored questions regarding your own homeownership questions.

3. It gets the ball rolling! If you know you want to buy a home but don’t even know where to begin, this course will lay out a checklist of things you need to get in order as you move along in your homeownership journey.

4. The class provides skills, tools, and information you can use your whole life, whether you purchase a home or not. Even if you decide that homeownership is ultimately not right for you at this time, you’ve still learned very useful information that you can and will use in other areas of life.

5. As a Homebuyer Education graduate, you are prepared to maneuver the housing industry with confidence and can use NeighborWorks financial assistance upon qualification. Now that you’ve taken the course, you are well equipped for the process of homeownership. Anyone who uses NeighborWorks assistance or programs must complete our Homebuyer Education course. Once you’ve taken the course, you’re one step closer to the coaching or assistance you need to own your own home!

To learn more and enroll today, visit our homeownership page.

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